Small Things

I am happy to say I am back to post again! I usually lag so much on keeping up with my blog, but I know I have to stop slacking off and try to stay focused on my growth and create new and better habits. So, here I am, trying to write about what has been going on since I last blogged.

I am currently having coffee alone in my quiet living room. My husband is asleep and my son is at his other house for the next couple weeks. It is unbelievably silent in this house when Ben is gone because 90% of the time that he is awake and active he has a running soundtrack of sound effects and songs he makes himself. LOL He cracks me up. But yeah, it is strange having the house so still.

I recorded a new podcast episode today, which marks my 6th episode so far on the PlantedPunk Podcast…I explored my own anxiety and stress and added some music I have had stuck in my head lately. My podcast is very very nonsensical so if you listen to it and think I am very awkward, you’re 100% correct.

I re-opened my shop yesterday and sold out of all the fun Star Wars stuff I made. I added new items as well! I had some pet bandannas in the shop and i have since gotten a lot of requests for more. I also added two new sticker designs. They are in stock now, i have a ton of different sticker designs. I will be working on spooky/Halloween designs next and I really kind of want to do them all year from now on because I just love Halloween.

I don’t have too much to talk about right now, but I just wanted to do a little update on here and I also wanted to shout my friend Jess out because it’s her BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you Jess!!!!

July 2020 Updates!

Hi there! it has been awhile….and I know 2020 has been a very unpleasant year for a multitude of reasons so you can understand why i didn’t feel like keeping this blog up to date on a regular basis. I am gonna do a rundown of what’s been happening and what will be happening in the near future! Buckle up.

Covid-19: Obviously the world has been in a state of shock from the worldwide pandemic we have all been facing and I am here to sat that I have been staying home as often as humanly possible, wearing a mask whenever I leave my home, and being highly cautious at all times when dealing with the public. I hope you have all been safe and well, but most of all I hope you realize this isn’t going away overnight and we need to start looking to long term ways we can change.

Human Rights/Civil Rights and the Black Lives Matter Movement: The spotlight has been on the black community in an uprising against our fascist and cruel government and I am on the side of justice. We will not stand for police/government brutality. We absolutely need to use our platform, regardless of size, to create awareness and a safe space for those of us who need the support. My shop has done a few sales to raise funds for charity (May I was able to donate $275 dollars to Black Lives Matter and June I was able to donate $175 to The Trevor Project through the help and support of my customers). I have also made personal donations to various organizations for human rights and signed countless petitions and will continue to do so every single day I can. I know on paper it doesn’t sound like much but I know this is about long term change and it won’t happen over night. It takes a constant flow of energy to keep that movement alive. You know where I stand. If you support Trump and anything he believes in please forget my name. I do not fuck with traitors, racists, misogynists and homophobic people.

In my personal life: I have been dealing with the ebbs and flows of being an extrovert that is stuck indoors. From helping my son transition from normal life to online school and very little social interaction… the day to day changes our family, like all the others, have been forced to make. I am trying my best. Seeing less of my family is difficult. Not being able to see my best friends hurts a lot. But we have technology and we are doing our best to remain connected despite it all. I just need to hold it together and plan for the future in ways that aren’t time specific. small daily goals and basic needs are priority, and then I focus on what my larger plans are once we are safe to travel and socialize again. And I do not care what they say, I will not be heading to a theme park anytime soon so please don’t ask me haha I took a social media break for about a week, deleting all my apps off my phone entirely and refocusing on my real life, and it has helped me emotionally more than I could have hoped. It will probably be a thing I try to do a lot more often, I may be getting rid of my twitter entirely.

earrings by the amazing Jess at Pandamonium Co

Shop news: I have been adding new items to the shop! I now have zip pouches/makeup bags, stickers, small hair ties and two tone scrunchies in the shop when I do shop openings. I have been trying to open my shop more regularly now that I am able to get supplies online easier int he last month. I will be adding some Star wars items to the shop next Saturday…then I’ll be doing a Princess shop drop, and then a Horror Movie shop drop. Keep an eye on my Instagram for more details, and I will make a better effort to post on this blog as well to keep people informed. I will also be opening my custom order spots soon and will have a form on here soon for that specific purpose.

Thank you for checking out the blog! My podcast has a bunch of episodes if you wanna catch up with me on there: PlantedPunk Podcast

Hope you are all doing good! -Robyn

Thursday Thoughts

It’s been two weeks since I’ve hopped on here but I thought I’d update you all on my life (not that exciting sorry).

I’ve had some very successful shop days, including a fun Star Wars drop with Baby Yoda items! Thank you everyone who purchased from my shop, you’re literally helping me pay my car off and buy Ben’s favorite lunches for school, and fund more items for my shop in the future.

Speaking of new items, I just finalized a design that will be manufactured into a pin ASAP (hoping to be in shop by March 15th) but until then you can find the design on TeePublic as a tshirt, phone case, hoodie, button pin, etc! I don’t make much off the site but people keep asking me to put my designs on other products and I want to make people happy so I’ve added the TeePublic until I can find a reliable and cost effective local screen printer. Click here to visit TeePublic shop

Other than shop stuff I’ve been cleaning my house and reorganizing a lot of stuff! My workspace is moved around and redecorated which makes me super happy! I spend so much time working I needed it to be more of a “me” environment. For those that don’t know I use half my bedroom as my sewing studio. I have been cleaning a lot to get ready for some exciting house guests! I have an amazing group of my friends coming to see me this coming weekend and I am literally so excited. I can’t believe they actually want to come all the way to Fresno just to visit me!

Last weekend Chris and I went record shopping and scored an Elton John record with Bennie and the Jets on it for Ben! Then we went to visit my friend Robert in tower at MoonChild aTattoo and Chris got two tattoos and I got my little Mickey pumpkin touched up. It was nice spending time with Robert for sure. Then on Sunday I recorded a new episode of the podcast I co-host with my sister-in-law Tiffany! “Is She Confused?” is a podcast about random weird shit and I have a lot of fun working on it! Click here to check out the Podcast (available on all platforms).

Yesterday my little brother came over to do his laundry and make dinner with us and it was nice to see everyone in the same room again. Ben especially was excited to have Bryce back to visit. It’s been really amazing to see Bryce growing up and thriving. I am a very lucky lady to have all the crazy awesome guys in my life.

Anyway, I am going to have an awesome weekend with all my friends, and I hope you are all doing great!


Thursday Thoughts

First I’d like to say thank you to my customers, the first shop opening of the year went really great and I am excited to make more, especially custom items.

So, today is a rainy Thursday in Fresno and I find myself reflecting on a lot. I think it’s human nature to see the new year as a new start and give ourselves new goals to work on. However I also feel like some of these goals are unattainable and if we can’t immediately figure them out we give up on them and throw in the towel. This year I have set very small, reachable goals in front of me and also told the universe the things I desire. Paying off my car, spending son’s spring break on a family trip, working on my passions, etc. Yes, it would be phenomenal to lose weight and workout everyday and eat perfect meals every day but I know myself. I know I’m better practicing intuitive eating rather than dieting, and being active in ways that are meaningful to me rather than working out at a gym. Those things work better for me, and something else might work better for you. You have to truly listen to your own body and brain and figure out what you need and not become so comparative of what others are doing, especially those you don’t even know and just envy.

I also had a friend talk to me yesterday about not being a people pleaser, which I do so much that I end up feeling like there isn’t much of me left for myself. That’s something completely attainable I can work on.

Anyway, those are the thoughts I’ve been processing. I hope you all have a great Thursday!


Welcome to 2020

Hello again, it has been awhile. Let me re-introduce myself. I am Robyn Martinez and I am an artist from the California Central Valley, currently based in Fresno.

I used to blog a lot, mostly about family, photography, lifestyle and most of all about Disney. I plan on getting back to it a lot this year but I want to touch on some things that happened in 2019 and let you get to know me a bit….here goes nothing!

In 2019 my small shop where I sell handmade items really took off and I was able to create things I truly love for other Disney lovers and I started to get to know my customer base pretty well. I have been my own boss for awhile now with photography and previously event planning, so this was a natural progression for me. I learned how to sew more creative things and made my own patterns and even went all in on a heavy duty sewing machine. I spent hours each night searching for interesting and unique fabrics and spent countless hours trying to come up with things for my shop that set me apart and made me feel good when I was working on them.

While I was doing all this small shop work I managed to make some very amazing friends and spent a lot of time in SoCal getting to know them and I am truly a very lucky person. I never knew that in my 30’s I’d finally have a real group of friends who liked me for who I am and wanted to spend time with me. Growing up I was extremely aware that I was weird; my sense of humor was weird, my style was weird, my taste in music and art was weird, and I was just not ever going to fit into the box society builds for us. I was constantly walking the tightrope of trying extremely hard and doing a lot of things alone. I do NOT regret being a weirdo at all, in fact I truly have come to embrace it about myself.

A handful of my wonderful friends

So this past year I found my ultimate group of fellow weirdos. Humans who know how to just dive into a friendship and really let people be themselves. I have lost a few friends along the way…no hard feelings to them. Some people are only meant to be in your life for a short amount of time for very specific reason like growth and learning. I feel very confident in my own self worth, especially lately. I know what I want and for the most part I know who I am.

In 2019 I did a lot of family bonding. I had losses that I grieve deeply and I have family coming back into my life that I was missing for so long. My son and husband have been doing amazing. My husband started a new job and even got to travel to a few places for work, which is a big deal for someone who works remotely. Ben turned 10 this year and got to be involved in robotics at school as well as percussion in band. My younger brother came to stay with us for awhile and I was able to see him get his driver licence, buy his own car, get a new job and thrive in college. He is currently packing to move into his very first apartment. I feel like despite the difficulties 2019 threw at us my family came together and became stronger.

In the late fall of 2019 I started working at a new restaurant here in Fresno, Brothers Ramen. The owners are friends of mine and worked so long on this new business and I am very proud to be apart of their journey. I work in the front, taking orders and serving customers. It has been three months and I can honestly say I still enjoy clocking in for every single shift, the owners treat us all really well and I like to get out of the house and be in the community a bit more. Plus the food is amazing.

Anyway, I can’t fit an entire year into one blog post but I do plan on utilizing this blog a lot more in the months to come. I hope you enjoy following along with me and my weird little life.


PS: My shop is currently open for the first time this year, feel free to check it out! CLICK HERE