Small Business Saturday: DRT Woodworks

Great products for wine and beer enthusiasts.

I met Daniel Torres, the owner of Fresno’s DRT Woodworks at the ArtHop in October and just loved his unique take on a portable wine caddy. His designs use wood and rope and they have a nice rustic feel to their design.

Daniel started his woodworking business in July of 2017 after being inspired by California wine culture. He said it started as a personal project to properly transport wine but eventually developed into a business once others became interested in purchasing his designs.

He does custom orders of wine racks, wine caddys and beer caddys which are all hand made with pine and comes with or without stain per customers preference. 

(Note: the beer caddy had a bottle opener and a hidden magnet to catch your bottle caps!!)

Daniel is originally from Grand Terrace, CA and moved to Fresno in 2008 for school.  Being from the SoCal wine country he grew up learning about wine and has been involved ever since. He says he plans to give back some proceeds to the Sonoma County Wildfire disaster relief funds as it has greatly affected their wine commerce, as well as families and businesses in the region. He also plans to help the Fresno Community with local charity work in 2018.

“Ever since I was young, I wanted to start and run my own business, I also wanted that business to have purpose. I am a huge advocate for supporting small businesses everywhere and I am an even bigger advocate for that business to give back to the community where it resides. That is what I plan to do with DRT Woodworks; the idea of whenever you buy something from me, your dollar will stretch further and actually mean something to the community where it resides.”

Ways to contact DRT Woodworks:

(909) 649-4686





Small Business Saturday: Collect Coffee Bar

A Fresno coffee bar that will give you an education in coffee.

Collect Coffee Bar is located right in the midst of Fresno State and it is the perfect coffee shop for students.  They opened in August of 2016 and the owner, Sara Jarrar,  has been making this shop a success ever since. She has lived in countries all over the world and settled in Fresno about 4 years ago and followed her dream of opening a coffee bar where customers can not only order amazing drinks, but they can become educated on coffee. She is dedicated to her customers and staff, who she calls her work-family. 

This coffee shop is designed beautifully with mugs hanging from a chandelier, creative seating and beautiful wall pieces. It is so aesthetically pleasing it will draw you in to sit and enjoy one of their delicious hand crafted coffees. They have a full and interesting menu of drinks as well as a mouth watering baked goods selection. And to top it off, they are pet friendly. 

Each month Sara Jarrar has a different charity that patrons can donate to at her coffee shop and she plans on getting more involved in local charities in 2018. Her shop supports local artists as well, so if you love coffee, art, and helping others you should come in to Collect Coffee Bar and enjoy!

3142 E. Campus Pointe Dr.      Call (559)-797-4267
Fresno, California
Facebook                  Instagram                  Website


Small Business Saturday: Fresno City Vapor

“We believe in the vaping community, and want to extend it to the central valley through our vaping lounge.”

Fresno City Vapor is owned by Fresno native, Ryan Ah Tye and he is dedicated to serving the 21 and up community of vape users in Fresno. But he also has a more interesting goal…to help you STOP SMOKING. 

It seems counter-intuitive but he quit smoking cigarettes through vaping and has even gone as far as discouraging people to start vaping if they didn’t have the cig habit before they come into his shop.

“Another one of our focuses was to help people quit smoking. We both have experienced incredible results using e-cigarettes to stop smoking regular cigarettes and we have both weened down to low nicotine or zero nicotine. We are aware that many people vape for pleasure and never smoked, but we wanted to make this available to people trying to stop smoking since it had been so successful for both of us.” (Ryan)

He also says he has the best staff in town, and I definitely agree. The vape culture can sometimes have a weird “hipster/bro” energy to it and this shop is not in that realm at all. I am able to go in this shop and feel welcome, comfortable and not pressured to buy right away. The core group of 5 guys at this shop have pretty much all been there from the start in 2013 when Ryan opened Fresno City Vapor. They treat their customers well and have earned great respect in the Fresno Vaping Community. The entire shop is clean and friendly, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Ryan talked about his hopes to venture into charitable events and continue with projects such as “Toys for Tots”. He wants to connect with the Fresno community and he is searching for creative ways to do so. One such way is that he allows artists to display their work in his shop and is a supporter of local artists in the central valley. Ryan also creates his own vape liquids and juices available in his shop, as well as internationally. 

If you Vape or use e-cigarettes you should definitely come down and check out this amazing shop. I know you won’t leave empty handed. 


Fresno City Vapor    (559) 285-6430


5769 N First Street Fresno 93710 

Facebook     Instagram     



Small Business Saturday: Root Access Hackerspace

Root Access is a home for Fresno’s hackers, crafters, makers, builders, and artists!”

owned and operated by Derek Payton and Andrew Runner in Fresno, Ca

A helpful bit of info from their website:

If any of these sound good to you, you belong in our space!
Electronics & Robotics Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontrollers
Computers Programming, networking, and security
Prototyping & Fabrication 3D printing and laser cutting
Textile Arts Sewing, knitting, and crochet

I have been so happy to see this business open in Fresno’s Tower District. It is going to be an amazing addition to the Fresno tech community. Located only blocks from Fresno City College and Olive Ave (The main street of Tower District) it is primed for success. 

They host tech and art events for the community as well as offering classes to those who are interested in learning about coding, cyber security, robot building and crafting! They have computers, laser cutters, 3D printers and sewing machines for the members and will help you learn how to use these tools with their educational accessibility. 


So how can you gain access to this amazing establishment?

Website         Facebook

1476 N Van Ness Ave
Fresno, California                                      Call (559) 856-1399
Check them out, and #SupportSmallBusiness !


Small Business Saturday: Flickin’ Lit Candle Co.

Chelsea Gonzalez is a local small business owner located in Los Banos, California.

” Hand crafted & infused with essential oils • Made with a dash of sass and soy wax • Hand poured • Eco and vegan friendly,  Candles w|attitude & essence”


Flickin’ Lit Candle Co. is a very interesting and creative candle operation made 100% by Chelsea herself. She creates candles and wax melts into tiny works of art. As someone who has used both the wax melts and candles I can vouch that they small beyond amazing.  I can melt one piece of the wax and they last all day long throughout my entire home.

She not only makes quality products, she has managed to market them creatively by slapping classic and hilarious names on to her products.  Some of the scents include: Half-Baked, Best F’in Apple, PSL & Uggs, Queen Basic, Fresh AF, and Whorechata….to name a few. She also has a “Hella Basic Package” for Fall. All of these include FREE SHIPPING!! Which is basically a dream come true. 

Chelsea works hard to make her customers happy and has some great ideas which will make her business a success.  So go check her out! #SupportSmallBusiness

Flickin’ Lit Website


or email/call her:   (209) 658-7123


Small Business Saturday: Crafted by Camargo

Kicking off Small Business Saturday for Blogtober with Crafted By Camargo!

Omar Camargo is a local artist and business owner in Fresno, California.

“I’m fairly new to the entire online shop, and business aspect of things, definitely have learned a lot along the way. My shop has only been open for about 6 months. And it originally opened as a jewelry shop, but I really love creating all sorts of things, so it slowly started branching to other things, such as party decor, custom mugs & t- shirt’s, slowly want to roll out cards for several occasions since I love to water color as well. I really love custom orders, so I strongly encourage them! Everything you see is made by me, I work on everything myself. I’m very particular about how I like things to look, and be done, even down to the packaging. I think cohesion and presentation of a product is key, so I really try to deliver that. I’m excited to have my first pop up shop in early December! My ultimate goal would be too create several pop up shops throughout the Central Valley, collaborate with other local business owners, and maybe someday have a small store front of my own. “

Omar is a very hardworking and talented young entrepreneur and student here in our community and I want you to check out his shop and see his work! #SupportYourLocalArtists!

Here are some places you can see his work and shop:



59 Days of Code, Fresno 2017



So at the end of August I went to 59 Days of Code here in Fresno to check it out and see what the tech community was up to. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we had a lot of Agriculture related tech out at the event and I was fortunate enough to meet and speak to some of these people and learn about their projects and apps.

As you know this blog is very new and I am still learning all the cool, fun ways to edit videos…..which also means I am still NOT great at it and rely on some very basic editing tools via my iPhone. I plan to study up on some programs and with time I hope my Vlogs will get better! If you have any comments, tips, advice or constructive criticism I’d be happy to hear it!

you can email me at: Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org