Hello again!

It has been an eternity since I’ve blogged and it’s probably because I have very little free time to write and update everyone, but I’d like to work on that. Here are some of the things happening with me lately:

1) I will be moving my online shop off of Etsy. There are a few reasons for doing this but the biggest one is that Etsy takes a huge portion of my profits and that sucks. So I’ll be moving to a Big Cartel sure temporarily while my husband and I finish creating TinySeller! TinySeller is going to be a small shop selling platform created by us in an attempt to support small shops and the Disney community. Hopefully we can roll that out late 2019.

2) The shop has been doing amazing! I am growing and working hard to make and create new items including lanyards, wallets, keychains and pocket tees. I have an amazing group of brand reps who I am lucky enough to call my friends. I sell out a LOT which is because of my amazing customers and Reps. I feel beyond lucky to be thriving and don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

3) I am going to try and come back to Disney in early August! When I do I’d love to plan a meet up and hang out with some Disney friends. I’ll try to make more solid plans very soon.

Other fun stuff: My amazing friend Natalie has started a really really fantastic blog about her adventures in food, Disney and life in general! I hope you guys can take the time to check it out!

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I hope you’re all doing amazing!