Mom & Ben Disney Trip!

Last weekend Ben and I headed to SoCal to spend the last four days of his winter break with my family in Long Beach and then did a Disney trip. We had so much fun and I wanted to share with you guys all about it.

So we headed to Long Beach and spent the first day eating, walking downtown and shopping with my sister. We ate a this cute little falafel shop called The Hippea where I tried some delicious falafels and fries, all vegan , too! It was super yummy and they had really yummy dipping sauces as well. We went into some shops as well, one of which was making me so nostalgic I could hardly handle it. It was a super cute Roller Derby shop called Moxi and I was left day dreaming about my derby days. We also hit up a cute little place called SongBird, which has just about any pop culture item and neat little knickknack you could envision. We ended the night with a stop to PIZZANISTA!!! I love that place so much my heart exploded from happiness. I always try to eat there when I visit Long Beach. they have vegan options as well, and beautiful cacti out front.

After a fun family day out Ben and I were ready for a Disney date the next morning. We dropped off our stuff at Motel 6 Maingate, our go-to hotel of choice, ad hopped on the ART to Disney! We spent the morning riding rides, eating beignets, and visiting Mickey in Toontown! We also got to have a nice lunch at the new Lamplight Lounge in DCA overlooking the Pixar Pier. We split a cheeseburger and watched people ride the Incredicoaster before finishing our meal with some delicious mini donuts. Then we hit the hotel for a power nap. After a well deserved rest we met up with some friends (Gina, Alex, Jaycee, Jacob and Daniel) who rode more rides with us and had a nice dinner. Ben was over the moon and told me it was such a fun day! I was really happy we got to see some of our friends and even met a few new ones. Gina even gave Ben his own churro money for the trip, it was so sweet!

Our second Disney day we rope dropped with some of my good friends, Arica and Ray, and our new friend Tina. It was a DAY. We had a lot of fun for sure, but it was pooooouring rain and we learned that ponchos and waterproof shoes were invented fro a reason. Let’s just say Disney got a lot of my money that day for some dry clothes….and that I should not ride Thunder Mountain in a downpour. Memories were made though, and that’s the most important thing in my opinion. I can honestly say Arica has become on of my closest friends and even if we didn’t do Disney stuff we would still be having a blast because we just connect that well. Highlights of our day were probably running to Zocalo for a table white getting drenched, riding the train around the parks in our ponchos, exploring the Disneyland hotel in the morning, and just being with the people I love.

I think our last day was by far the best of the trip, despite having to leave and head home at 2pm. Ben and I packed up and ubered to Disney for DCA rop drop. we have always done rope drop at Disneyland but never DCA so we were beyond excited, and it was worth it! The very first thing we did was meet the Mayor of Beuna Vista Street and she made Ben a lifetime honorary Disney citizen to Infinity and Beyond! She proclaimed it to all the passersby and Ben was so excited, I was living in the moment so I didn’t get photos but it was so fun! Then we met up with some friends, and ended up with a pretty big group! Natalie, Alexis, Katie, Peter, Alexa, Marisol and the two of us. We started at Flo’s Cafe fro breakfast, and it was so cute. We had never eaten there and it was delicious, we tried the Lightning McQueen waffle breakfast and loved it. Then we had some fun taking photo pass pictures and being silly. Peter was able to get us all on so many rides that day. We rode Radiator Racers, Little Mermaid, Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, Indiana Jones and more. We also did the Redwood Creek Challenge and Ben is definitely in way better shape than I am. I genuinely feel like we all had such a fun time. It was great to spend so much time this trip around truly loving and positive people who treated Ben like family. I wish I could share every single detail about our trip but we has so many magical moments it was insane. I miss everyone so much already. I am hoping we are able to head back in April and that Chris will be able to join us this time.

It was a great way to end our winter break. Now Ben is back to school and I am in the middle of a major house organizing project as well as a shop restock! I hope you’re all doing well.