Turning 31 Didn’t Suck

My Birthday at Disney


I had a fantastic birthday and took some very cool photos! I also made an obnoxiously long photo journal post about it (above) and I hope you enjoy reading all about it and looking at my Disneyland photos.

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59 Days of Code, Fresno 2017



So at the end of August I went to 59 Days of Code here in Fresno to check it out and see what the tech community was up to. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we had a lot of Agriculture related tech out at the event and I was fortunate enough to meet and speak to some of these people and learn about their projects and apps.

As you know this blog is very new and I am still learning all the cool, fun ways to edit videos…..which also means I am still NOT great at it and rely on some very basic editing tools via my iPhone. I plan to study up on some programs and with time I hope my Vlogs will get better! If you have any comments, tips, advice or constructive criticism I’d be happy to hear it!

you can email me at: Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org