Small Business Saturday: Fresno City Vapor

“We believe in the vaping community, and want to extend it to the central valley through our vaping lounge.”

Fresno City Vapor is owned by Fresno native, Ryan Ah Tye and he is dedicated to serving the 21 and up community of vape users in Fresno. But he also has a more interesting goal…to help you STOP SMOKING. 

It seems counter-intuitive but he quit smoking cigarettes through vaping and has even gone as far as discouraging people to start vaping if they didn’t have the cig habit before they come into his shop.

“Another one of our focuses was to help people quit smoking. We both have experienced incredible results using e-cigarettes to stop smoking regular cigarettes and we have both weened down to low nicotine or zero nicotine. We are aware that many people vape for pleasure and never smoked, but we wanted to make this available to people trying to stop smoking since it had been so successful for both of us.” (Ryan)

He also says he has the best staff in town, and I definitely agree. The vape culture can sometimes have a weird “hipster/bro” energy to it and this shop is not in that realm at all. I am able to go in this shop and feel welcome, comfortable and not pressured to buy right away. The core group of 5 guys at this shop have pretty much all been there from the start in 2013 when Ryan opened Fresno City Vapor. They treat their customers well and have earned great respect in the Fresno Vaping Community. The entire shop is clean and friendly, with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Ryan talked about his hopes to venture into charitable events and continue with projects such as “Toys for Tots”. He wants to connect with the Fresno community and he is searching for creative ways to do so. One such way is that he allows artists to display their work in his shop and is a supporter of local artists in the central valley. Ryan also creates his own vape liquids and juices available in his shop, as well as internationally. 

If you Vape or use e-cigarettes you should definitely come down and check out this amazing shop. I know you won’t leave empty handed. 


Fresno City Vapor    (559) 285-6430


5769 N First Street Fresno 93710 

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