The latest for Dizcactus

It has been a wild ride opening the shop again on a new platform but the first big release went well! I decided Etsy wasn’t for me. It was full of restrictive practices and cost me over a quarter of my profit so it was time to say GOOD BYE! In the meantime I am using Big Cartel which is decent and works well in the expected realm of sales efficiency. The goal for my husband and I is to unroll our own selling platform early 2020 for small shops like mine to use and thrive on. It is called Tiny Seller and is being built by us from the ground up and will be 100% ram by us and used by myself for my own small shop. I can’t wait to share it with you all once it’s completed!

I am also working on a podcast with my sister in law which will be debuting soon, “Is She Confused?”. It will be a fun podcast where we discuss personal stuff,mental health and self car, political foibles, work, relationships and much more. I am very excited to have a voice beyond my typical work one where I do have to censor myself a bit for the sake of not offending anyone or running someone the wrong way unintentionally. I’m a generally nice person but I have strong beliefs and opinions and a pretty gnarly sense of humor that I’d love to express to the world and Tiffany can relate in a very real way. I hope you’ll check it out when we launch, the Instagram and Twitter are both under IsSheConfused.

Other than those changes life has been pretty great. I recently released a Mickey themed collection of new fabrics and this Friday I will be adding some restocks of Mickey items from past drops as well as some Star Wars stuff and possibly Lion King if I have the time. I have also started planning my Halloween collection because we all know Disney Halloween starts August 1st! I have so many plans for this shop and it makes me happy to know the things I’ve created are being worn and loves by people all over the world. I love my customers and the way they inspire me to keep making new and fun designs.

Thanks for taking the time to read my random thoughts! Have a great day.