Thursday Thoughts

It’s been two weeks since I’ve hopped on here but I thought I’d update you all on my life (not that exciting sorry).

I’ve had some very successful shop days, including a fun Star Wars drop with Baby Yoda items! Thank you everyone who purchased from my shop, you’re literally helping me pay my car off and buy Ben’s favorite lunches for school, and fund more items for my shop in the future.

Speaking of new items, I just finalized a design that will be manufactured into a pin ASAP (hoping to be in shop by March 15th) but until then you can find the design on TeePublic as a tshirt, phone case, hoodie, button pin, etc! I don’t make much off the site but people keep asking me to put my designs on other products and I want to make people happy so I’ve added the TeePublic until I can find a reliable and cost effective local screen printer. Click here to visit TeePublic shop

Other than shop stuff I’ve been cleaning my house and reorganizing a lot of stuff! My workspace is moved around and redecorated which makes me super happy! I spend so much time working I needed it to be more of a “me” environment. For those that don’t know I use half my bedroom as my sewing studio. I have been cleaning a lot to get ready for some exciting house guests! I have an amazing group of my friends coming to see me this coming weekend and I am literally so excited. I can’t believe they actually want to come all the way to Fresno just to visit me!

Last weekend Chris and I went record shopping and scored an Elton John record with Bennie and the Jets on it for Ben! Then we went to visit my friend Robert in tower at MoonChild aTattoo and Chris got two tattoos and I got my little Mickey pumpkin touched up. It was nice spending time with Robert for sure. Then on Sunday I recorded a new episode of the podcast I co-host with my sister-in-law Tiffany! “Is She Confused?” is a podcast about random weird shit and I have a lot of fun working on it! Click here to check out the Podcast (available on all platforms).

Yesterday my little brother came over to do his laundry and make dinner with us and it was nice to see everyone in the same room again. Ben especially was excited to have Bryce back to visit. It’s been really amazing to see Bryce growing up and thriving. I am a very lucky lady to have all the crazy awesome guys in my life.

Anyway, I am going to have an awesome weekend with all my friends, and I hope you are all doing great!