Thursday Thoughts

First I’d like to say thank you to my customers, the first shop opening of the year went really great and I am excited to make more, especially custom items.

So, today is a rainy Thursday in Fresno and I find myself reflecting on a lot. I think it’s human nature to see the new year as a new start and give ourselves new goals to work on. However I also feel like some of these goals are unattainable and if we can’t immediately figure them out we give up on them and throw in the towel. This year I have set very small, reachable goals in front of me and also told the universe the things I desire. Paying off my car, spending son’s spring break on a family trip, working on my passions, etc. Yes, it would be phenomenal to lose weight and workout everyday and eat perfect meals every day but I know myself. I know I’m better practicing intuitive eating rather than dieting, and being active in ways that are meaningful to me rather than working out at a gym. Those things work better for me, and something else might work better for you. You have to truly listen to your own body and brain and figure out what you need and not become so comparative of what others are doing, especially those you don’t even know and just envy.

I also had a friend talk to me yesterday about not being a people pleaser, which I do so much that I end up feeling like there isn’t much of me left for myself. That’s something completely attainable I can work on.

Anyway, those are the thoughts I’ve been processing. I hope you all have a great Thursday!