Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

This week has been AMAZING!! I have been able to do so many exciting things and hopefully I have time this morning to write about it all. On Tuesday night last week I was part of a very special Instagram Live video about Magical Disney Moments. The host (@Pinpocalypse )was having people come on Live with him to share moments about Disney that made their visit or another person’s visit magical. I shared mine and a few others did as well, and then Zach made a magical moment for a special guest and it was so amazing. I loved hearing the stories people had to share. When we go to Disney we try to do things for guests and cast members all the time. For example, one Valentine’s weekend my son gave cast members their own valentine cards. Before one trip we hit the dollar store and got a ton of glow sticks and handed them out to kids before Fantasmic (because the glow products that Disney sells are EXPENSIVE) and got to watch the little kids have a blast with them.  I hope you can all create your own magical moments for others, even if it isn’t at Disney. Doing simple things like paying for the car behind you in the Starbucks drive-thru, or giving your mail carrier a cold bottle of water on a hot day, or just telling someone they’re beautiful can be a kind gesture that improves someones entire day.On a different note,  we also got our new coffee table which I ordered a couple months ago but it really helps the flow of our living room with the new couch. 

Wednesday I was pleased to see that my very first Pin creation was finally shipped to my home! I love Disney pins and creating my own fantasy pin has always been a dream of mine, and now that has become a reality. I don’t expect to become a millionaire selling my pin designs or anything, but just knowing they’re out in the world and someone is wearing something I designed makes me feel so happy. I also added some cool postcards to my Etsy shop with my Disney photography.  My mom came over for dinner that evening and we had tri-tip, and it was fun to be able to grill again. It has been awhile and I was missing my husband’s awesome grilling skills. Benjamin ended the night by finishing his essay on integrity, which was pretty amazing to read. He has such a kind heart and this year has been challenging for him but when I see the effort that goes into the things he works on I am always happy. 

Thursday I sent out my first shipment of pins to their new homes and was very happy to learn more about cost effective shipping for small items so I don’t go broke sending my pins out. I didn’t host Friendship Club this week as I was so busy with other things and trying to get organized, Friday I started out the day by hitting up my local Target for the amazing Mickey 90th merchandise! I was pleased to see all the awesome stuff our local Target had to offer, and for those of you who can’t find it or missed out it is now on their website as well. I found some mugs, shirts, earrings, and a couple other fun things that I may end up using for a giveaway on my Disney Instagram. I wasn’t feeling very well Friday so I had to stay in most of the day and give myself a chance to heal before the crazy weekend we had planned. 

Thankfully I felt well enough to go on my weekend adventure to celebrate Mother’s Day! My son and husband got me the sweetest gifts, little Minnie Mouse cups and Ben made me a flower pot at school. On Saturday morning Ben and I went to the beach with my Mom! Our family always goes to the same special beach, one that my Dad discovered, since I was very young. It was so nice to go back there and stand in the sand with Ben and play in the waves. My mom was able to show Ben how to use binoculars and they saw a whale! We also went to Fisherman’s Wharf on Monterey and ate at a cool pub where my parents always ate on their trips. I feel like we honored my Dad a lot this way and we all had such an amazing time. On the way home we stopped at Casa De Fruta and I got to have my chocolate covered strawberry so my day was complete. Sunday was fun as well and we spent it with Chris’s parents at their house. My Father-in-Law grilled for us and we got to watch the kids play and be wild in the backyard. I had a fantastic Mother’s Day weekend and I am so lucky to be a Mom. I did not know what real love was until I had my son, and now my heart is full everyday just knowing I get to be his Mom. 

Monday was spent cleaning, packing orders and helping Ben with homework before we met with my Mom and went out to dinner at Olive Garden. I have been trying so hard to not eat like a crazy person but every once in awhile I think it’s OK to indulge in something we love, otherwise why are we even here? Today is a new day and the start of a great week for our family and I can’t wait to see what it brings. Thanks for following along with me! Have a great Tuesday!