Tuesday Morning Ramblings w/Robyn

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! I hope you have all been doing well and have had a good week. I’m starting mine a little slow and tired, but still starting. Last week started off great! I was chosen to be a brand rep for a really cute Disney small shop, Best Day Ever Co., and I am really excited to be working with them.  Most of the past week or so I have been majorly focused on my health, and I’ve been struggling with some minor issues and doctor visits but ultimately I am doing better today, but just frustrated because I am not someone who likes to slow down.

On Thursday we had our very last Friendship Club of the school year and it was so emotional for me. The teachers and administrators all signed a card for me and gave me a gift and I literally cried, it was such a sweet thing.  I was so proud of these kids and how far they’ve come, especially my own. I watched them work together, learn from each other and talk to each other with a positive attitude. I started this club because although my son’s school has a zero-tolerance bullying rule, it is IMPOSSIBLE to police children and hear everything they say and see everything they do all the time, and kids do get bullied. My son was bullied and sometimes still deals with tough situations at his school, but now he has the tools to know what to do in these situations. He talks to me, he talks to his teachers and administrators about it immediately and he includes other kids in the conversation and he isn’t afraid to stand up and say something. Not every kid feels brave enough to do this, and I want to show the kids there is a safe and loving place at their school where they can tell someone and play together without fear of bullies. It means something to me, especially now in the world we live in where bullies can lead to something as scary as a school shooting. I have been at the school during lock down drills, and believe me, you haven’t known true fear until you see your own small child quietly sitting against a wall, underneath a table, silently mouthing the words, “please don’t be real” over and over until the drill is over. I will never stop talking to my son, or these kids about how to handle bullying and communicating with each other and the adults in their life. I am not a hero, I am just a mom who desperately wants the world to change so these kids have a chance.  I know I don’t usually go into heavy topics but this is so important and we can’t hide from this topic just because it makes us uncomfortable. If any of you ever need to talk I am always here, Robyn@EventfulMagic.Org . There are a lot of resources as well if you’d prefer to talk to professionals, I would be happy to share links with you. Contact me anytime. 

After a busy school week my husband and I went away for the weekend to Disneyland, and it was a lot of fun, but unfortunately it was cut short as I got food poisoning and we went home immediately. It definitely didn’t help my other health issues so i spent a lot of time sleeping and trying to recuperate the last couple days. Chris refurbished my old netbook for Ben to use for his school work and Ben was able to use it to do his math work for the first time, and it was kind of cool to see him so excited to have his own computer for school. Yesterday, I was able to take Ben to get some new dress clothes and a nice  haircut for his field trip today, which I will talk about next week. 

I am still not feeling 100% but I know healing takes time. If you’re ever feeling run down or sick remember that self care is not selfish, it is vastly important to being YOU and you deserve to feel healthy and well.  I hope this week can be a good one for my family, and for all of you!