Wednesday Morning Ramblings with Robyn

Trying to get back into the swing of things around here so I am a day late for my weekly blog post, hope you don’t mind. The past week has been really fun, actually. I’ve been able to do a lot of family stuff and I got back to work!

I made a stop a my friend Robert’s place to pick up some original art pieces. He is the artist that did our Pixar tattoos in February. I love having my friend’s art around my work space, it is so inspiring. I also recently commissioned a piece from my friend Chloe, who was on the blog in October of last year talking about being an artist in the Central Valley. I feel so lucky to have such creative and interesting people in my life and I can’t wait to have more of their work around my home. 

I went back to work this past week as well. My first client back was Tawona from The Well Dressed Curl! I was able to photograph her in some pieces for her latest blog post, and I am so excited with how they turned out. I also have a few spots booked for this month with past clients and I can’t wait to see them and help capture their special moments. I missed being behind a camera.  It was important for me to take time off for my family, but I am an artist at heart and I am happiest doing what I love.


My family spent the weekend doing some fun stuff together, and my Mom even came down from Merced to join us! We spent the morning Saturday at the mall shopping for swim trunks because Ben is having a swimming field trip this week! We found a great pair at the Disney Store, star wars themed.  Afterwards, we took my Mom downtown to experience the deliciousness that is Quesadilla Gorilla! We were in quesadilla heaven, any excuse to eat there is a good one. Then we checked out the record shop next door and did some shopping at the marketplace nearer to my home. On Sunday we took Ben to his volunteering orientation at the CCSPCA here in Fresno. He is so interested in caring for animals and the orientation was awesome. We learned about the organization and all the ways they help animals in Fresno and we even got to tour the grounds. Ben was over the moon about all the animals and learning how he can be apart of their future. I am proud of this kiddo for having such a big heart and willingness to help others. 

This week has been pretty cool for me personally so far because I am starting some new projects and doing some stuff to make myself a happier person.  I went shopping for myself, which I don’t typically do because I hate trying on clothes and I get overwhelmed with style and choices. I managed to pick out some cute items; I found some overalls, a dress and because I am a mom I scored some cool shorts for the kid. I also went to Ulta and had my hair done and my nails done by the amazing Carissa! She is so down to earth and makes me feel like a queen when I leave the salon. I have also started a new business venture that is in the very early stages, I am making pins! If you know me then you know I am Disney obsessed, and we collect and trade Disney pins. Well, I designed my own and it is currently being manufactured as we speak and it is up fro Pre-Order on my Etsy site! I also have some fun Disneyland Guide Map pin-back buttons for sale as well. i will be working on new designs whenever possible and I hope you guys can check them out.  

I am also going to be apart of a fun street fair in Chinatown at the end of the month! The Chinatown Bazaar is a new event focused on bringing people down to that area and reviving it. It is super close to our all time favorite taco spot, La Elegante, and I am so excited to be apart of the excitement. I will be posting the info as soon as I can so you can join me downtown and see my booth! 

Thanks for catching up with me and I hope you’re all having an awesome week!